How Can I Assist You


My passion is to work with business leaders, change practitioners, enterprise architects, business architects and business analysts to build awareness, understanding and expertise in using visual modelling approaches to scope and plan strategic change, mitigate risk, design business solutions and optimize internal investments in enterprise change.

The best way in which I can help you depends on your particular environment, capability and capacity. Generally I find it is some combination of assistance in

  • Building Awareness  of the purpose and benefits of visual modeling to reduce risk and effectively engage stakeholders in strategic change initiatives.
  • Creating Understanding of which methodologies are bested suited to achieving your objectives and how to use the appropriate models and tools.
  • Developing Capability in planning and scoping a strategic change initiative, facilitating stakeholder engagement, crafting and using visual models for engagement, design, planning and risk mitigation.
  • Extending Expertise  within your organization in developing and using visual modeling and enterprise architecture to address business challenges and implement strategic change.

The level of assistance I provide varies across

  • Advice and recommendations on implementing an approach to architect business change that will effectively address your business opportunities and challenges.
  • Training in-person and online for change leaders, designers and implementers. A set of concise modules allows you to customize a package for yourself or your organization. Training can also be customized to your business context.
  • Coaching, periodic reviews of change architecture plans and models, individual or team coaching sessions, facilitated stakeholder engagement sessions. Training and Coaching packages enable cost effective learning within the context of ongoing change initiatives.
  • Leadership of your business architecture development initiative including developing or extending internal capability

I can provide this assistance to you via e-colloboration, web conferencing and/or in person as suitable.

Please contact me at if you would like to explore how you can effectively use visual modeling to design and plan change initiatives that maximize business opportunity and minimize risk.

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